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This is the SirBot Labs, a place where you can find different robots built with SirBot. For each, you can view photos, videos, explanation on about how they work, how they've been built, with details...

Enjoy !!!



SirProbe is here to help debug your circuits. This digital probe (from Bert's one) is able to record up to 20 000 levels/seconds. Connect the probe, and see what happens in your components...

The SirBot Ranger

SirBot Ranger Logo

Based on the Tamabot Daycare architecture, the SirBot Ranger (aka Chuck Nobbot), is able to provide detailed information about its environment: using its IR distance ranger,  this robot is able to draw 2D maps. The SirBot Ranger is widely used for Google Maps :)

The TamaBot DayCare

TamaBot Logo

The Tamabot DayCare v1 is a bot used to take care of your Tamagotchi...
You've just got this tiny stuff, you love it, but you can't have enough time to look after it. Let the TamaBot DayCare do its job, it will (almost) take care of it for you...

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