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Sound Sensor

by Sébastien Lelong last modified 2007-09-22 09:38
Author: Sébastien Lelong, The SirBot Project, 2007
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$Revision: 544 $ Initial creation

This small board provides an easy way to record sound and transmit data to the mainboard's microcontroller. Recording is done using an electret microphone, amplified with a LM386 sound amp. op. Output can directly be wired to the analog-to-digital (ADC) pin of the microcontroller.

Space on the board has been optimized to provide a small board.

Electronic diagram


This diagram is closed to the one provided in the LM386 datasheet. C4 and C5 are used to stabilized power supply (this is what I've read...).

Electronic assembly


Component side. Hole on the bottom right can be used to fix the board.


Solder side.



Looks like...


Two sound sensors can be used to localized sounds

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