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Servo Controller Board

by Sébastien Lelong last modified 2007-03-18 12:11
Author: Sébastien Lelong, The SirBot Project, 2006
Revision History
$Revision: 441 $ Convert to REST, update doc about baudrates conflicts, and update components view
Revision: 409 Electronic assembly
Revision: 1.2 Initial creation

The Servo Controller Board is an add-on board, used with the ain Board, which is able to control up to 8 servos, in an easy and friendly way (based on the MIC800 chip)

Electronic diagram

The Servo Controller Board corresponds to the following diagram:

Note:This diagram comes from the Micro & Robot journal, which tragically disappears from earth...

Electronic assembly

The following pictures show the implementation of the components on a board (with holes) and the reverse side of the board.


Be carefull with servo connectors: little straps need to be soldered in order the servos to be powered.



Previous versions of this Servo Controller Board suffered from baudrate conflicts. The MIC800 chip requires a communication protocol using RS232 @ 2400bds. But the Main Board may not use this baudrate. ASM code needed to switch between two baudrates, in order to get suitable communication with both the PC and the MIC800. More importantly, every chars sent to the MIC800 was also sent to the PC. Because of baudrates differences, this was not a problem, provided the PC frequently flushed chars, to trash invalid received data.

This approach was too complicated and error prone. Since the Jal migration, it becomes easy to integrate another RS232 link. This is done, using a serial software library. No more conflicts...



Component view of the servo controller board


Reverse view of the servo controller board


Details of servo connectors straps


Front view with connections


Another view of connections and components



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