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Probe Board

by Sébastien Lelong last modified 2007-03-18 12:14
Author: Sébastien Lelong, The SirBot Project, 2007
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The Probe Board is a particular board, in a way it doesn't integrate with other boards. It's a standalone board, which perform digital probing, that is detecting high and low levels.

This digital probe board is mainly inspired from the Great Bert's Digital Probe, which can be found here. My only job was to make it integrate within the SirBot Project: specific librairies, documentation, diagrams, integration with the SirBot console,...

This version of the board only produces raw results, there is no sophisticated GUI... I'll do it as soon as I'll be able to get Qwt libs compiling ok on my PC... For now, one can be use gnuplot, sciplot, etc...

Electronic diagram

The Probe Board electronic digrams is exactely the same as the Main Board, except there's no bus cable connector. Please refer to it for more details.

Electronic assembly

The following pictures show the implementation of the components on a board (with holes) and the reverse side of the board. Space optimizations have been done to make the probe board smaller than the main board. I hope.

Electronic assembly
Components side Solder side



Components view of the probe board


Solder view of the probe board


Front view, showing power and rs232 connectors


Back view: the PIC 16F628 and its 20MHz Xtal. On the left, the probe connectors.


With the probe connectors...


Complete overview



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