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Bus Cable

by Sébastien Lelong last modified 2008-06-04 21:02
Author: Sébastien Lelong, The SirBot Project, 2006
Revision History
Revision: 1.2 Initial creation
Revision: 441 Convert into REST
$Revision: 594 $ new connector specification (one for each PORT A/B)
The Bus Cable is able to connect different boards, using connection specification. No need to think about which wire needs to be connected where, just plug...

Electronic diagram

No diagram, the Bus Cable is just two connectors with wires (in layer). Connectors can be added between extremities.

Since then new mainboard version, there's now two connectors, one for PORTA one for PORTB:


Previous cable version used 2x13 pins connector. Now, these are 2x5 pins, which makes the cable easier to build. You can even buy some from electronic supplier, as this type of connector is used for ATMEL microcontrollers programming.



A bus cable...


When plugged to the mainboard...

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