SirBot Modules Build the bot of your dream with the fully documented electronic boards from the SirBot Modules daily 1 2007-03-18T19:03:26Z Main Board The Main Board is used to provide communication between SirBot modules (daughter boards) on the PC. Based on PIC16F88, the board integrates power-supply and a RS232 module and an I2C bus. No publisher sirloon 2008-06-04T18:45:54Z Folder DC Motor Controller Board Daughter board. It is used to control two DC motors, acting on existing motor H-Brigdes. Such H-Bridges can be found in RC toys (for instance in RC tanks), this board should easily be adapted to control any existing H-Bridges. No publisher admin 2008-06-15T10:44:21Z Folder Bus Cable Cable to connect several boards No publisher sirloon 2008-06-04T18:59:46Z Folder Servo Controller Board Can handle up to 8 servos, in an easy way. Fully integrated with the Main Board and SirBot Software No publisher sirloon 2007-03-02T17:30:48Z Folder IR Ranger Board Based on the GP2D02 IR ranger, provides easy way to measure distances No publisher sirloon 2007-03-02T17:30:51Z Folder Sound Sensor No publisher admin 2007-09-20T19:20:03Z Folder Probe Board A probe board to detect high/low level. Useful to debug circuits... No publisher sirloon 2007-03-18T11:14:05Z Folder Datasheets Datasheets of (almost) all the major components used No publisher admin 2007-05-06T07:04:27Z Folder jal.jpg No publisher admin 2007-05-22T19:32:59Z Image Powered by Jal None of this would be possible without... No publisher admin 2007-05-22T20:10:06Z Page