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#27 — Jalv2 2.3 integration

State Resolved
Area Core Software
Issue type Feature
Severity Important
Submitted by Sébastien Lelong
Submitted on 2007-07-01
Responsible Sébastien Lelong
Target release: 0.3
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Last modified on 2007-08-09 by Sébastien Lelong
Jalv2 2.3 is available. From the README, interesting things can be found about flexible arrays:

Flexible arrays are a special array format when passing
parameters to a procedure or function, defined as follows:

  PROCEDURE test_proc(BYTE IN str[]) IS

Now, str is used just like any other array (the COUNT()
operator still works). The difference is arrays of any
length can be passed in, for example:

BYTE str1[] = "this is a test"
CONST BYTE str2[] = "another test"


One caveat here is since the array is passed by reference,
not value, any modifications to the array will show up.
If a CONST is passed into a procedure that modifies the
array, an error will be generated, but unfortunately will
be non-obvious.

This is quite cool for SirBot, since many code could be simplify.

Also, there's a "fixed software stack generation", which could fix things about redirecting jal compiling output to /dev/null... (see
Added by Sébastien Lelong on 2007-08-02 08:00
Issue state: unconfirmedopen
  * jalv2 2.3 as new 3rd party
  * imported new startpack
  * migrate sirbot libs to use flexible array

Quite done. Needs more testing.
Added by Sébastien Lelong on 2007-08-02 08:00
Issue state: openin-progress
Added by Sébastien Lelong on 2007-08-09 09:18
Issue state: in-progressresolved

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