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SirBot 0.2.2

  • start migration of board diagrams using Eagle
  • new version of mainboard, using two 2x5 connectors (PORTA and PORTB), with i2c bus integrated
  • new dc motor controller board: can drive h-bridges, accessed through serial or i2c, speed monitoring using back-emf analysis
  • API simplification in jallib

SirBot 0.2.1

A kind-of minor release... No exceptional stuff here, except 16F88 support and an easy way to configure jal libraries. Actually not so minor, there's also a debugged version pytbl, a python tool for TinyBootloader.

  • 16F88 support
  • module: sound sensor, electret mic, LM386 based
  • jal libs: audio libs to play and record PCM sounds
  • jal libs: migrate to jalv2.3, using flexible array (better/cleaner code)
  • jal libs: improve configuration (chip selection, clock, baudrate, ...)
  • communication/frame: manage variable length frame
  • rs232: blocking access (by default) to read/write operations improve speed and prevent communication issues when heavy loaded
  • misc: add a debugged version of pytbl, working with 16F88, so a bootloader can now be used

SirBot 0.2

This release mainly focuses on communications improvements and documentation.

  • Communication improvements: both robot and PC now can initiate the communication (Master/Slave vs. Peer-to-Peer mode)
  • Recurrent tasks can be defined as background jobs (polling the bot,...)
  • Documentation
  • Fix Jal libraries

SirBot 0.1

This the very first release of the SirBot Project, but nice things can be done... Feedbacks are welcome !

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